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502 East Lamar Alexander Parkway Maryville, TN 37804-5907

Hours of Operation

  Monday through Friday   10:00 am - 6:00 pm    1 hour prior to events.  Online tickets are available only through Clayton Center website and/or Online ticket sales end 1 1/2 hours prior to events. Tickets are available at the Box Office until 1/2 hour after show opens unless the performance is sold out. Tickets may also be purchased by calling the Box Office at 865-981-8590 or 865-981-8591  
*Tickets Unlimited Outlet
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FAQ Entries

How do I Rent the Clayton Center for my Event | Top ↑

The Clayton Center for the Arts is available for meetings, parties, weddings, dinners or almost any event. To find out about rates and to arrange a tour contact Belinda Kenny, Director of Corporate Sales and Events at 865.981.8014 or

What does the Clayton Center logo represent? | Top ↑

Like Pi, the Golden Mean is a mathematic term but more expressive because this ratio produces a proportional “harmony”.  This harmony results in the relationship between the lines and the dimensions created by this formula.  Mathematicians will appreciate the ratio is 0.618 to 1.0.  The Logo for the Clayton Center is one of the visual representations of this ratio or relationship which uses lines and arcs in certain relationships to each other.

In art, this harmonic effect is called eurythmy and is found in nature.  Artists have found that dimensions determined by this formula are pleasing and aesthetically appealing as, hopefully, the events, the visual arts and the facility itself will be.

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